Learn How to Make iPhone Apps with iOS 9, Swift 2, and Xcode 7

 VIDEO: Join us in our iOS 9 Adventure

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Learn at your own pace with our hands-on video lecture series that will teach you how to make 14 FREAKING iPhone apps! This new course teaches over 5,000 students how to get iPhone apps up and running on your phone, and has over 150 reviews, rated at 5/5 stars.

What We'll Cover

Having been a beginner before, I firmly believe that the best way to learn is by doing. This class focuses on making apps. We walk through a carefully selected group of 14 apps that will help you to learn various important skills of app development.

We'll begin with:

  • Getting Xcode 7 (the program we use to make apps) setup and on your machine
  • Making a developer account with Apple
  • Running the iPhone and iPad simulator on your Mac

Then we'll make apps that:

  • ...record audio with the microphone
  • ...use the front and rear cameras on iOS devices
  • ...leverage game principles so you can make your own games
  • ...connect with Facebook and Twitter
  • ...use GPS information
  • ...connect with PARSE to make a social network
  • ...use Bluetooth
  • ...and more

We'll finish with:

  • Covering everything needed to submit these apps to the App Store
  • Making money in iOS
  • How to stay involved in the developer community

Taught on Udemy

As with all my courses, this course is taught on Udemy's platform. Follow these hands-on video walkthroughs at your own pace! Select "Enroll Now" and visit the course page to get a closer look. You can complete your enrollment by clicking the blue "Take This Course" button on that page.

How the course appears on Udemy.com. This is where course material is accessed.

How the course appears on Udemy.com. This is where course material is accessed.


Does this look confusing? It won't after taking this course!