Student Apps of the Month - March 2016

Here are a few more student apps that crushed it in March! Props to you all for a job well done.

1. Colorific! - David Voland

Colorific! is a fun, educational game and learning experience that helps kids (and adults!) learn and correctly pronounce colors in English, Spanish, and French! This app features an interactive set of colors, authentic male and female voices in various languages, and a color match game that is fun, addicting, and competitive! Can you earn the gold trophy in all three languages and get the best high score among your friends? Go ahead and find out!!-fun-color-game/id1073790557?mt=8

2. HeartGreet - Anilkumar Nandaluru

In this era of Social Networking, where everything is shared to the world, we miss few small emotional things like Miss you MOM, Hi Dad, Luv you honey, Wassup buddy etc. Heart Greet is an app that lets you GREET your loved ones, Family and Friends from your HEART. Wait...Whats special in that? you ask? It’s a little cinematic emotional way of presenting your GREETS that brings a smile on your/their face. Download the app, Signup and send/receive GREETS for Birthdays, Holidays, special occasions or every day to express to your Loved ones that they are in your heart.

3. Baby Phone: Your Voice - Burlpony


Use Baby Phone: Your voice to record you own messages so your child can pretend to make a phone call and play back your own custom messages.

Record messages from family members and friends so your child can here them while their away. Simple interface for children. 12 different fun sound effects.

4. Waitline: Disneyland - Braun Butterfield

Waitline Disneyland is a trivia type app specifically for Disneyland. Waitline has "eye-spy" and trivia type questions that you are able to see and answer while you wait in line and experience the attractions at Disneyland California. We hope you enjoy your Waitline Experience. For more trivia and challenges follow us on Twitter @RealWaitline.

5. Local Eyes - Ryan Oppel

Ratings and reviews are great, but nothing beats a local insider's knowledge. 

LocalEyes was created to connect people with questions to those who are willing to provide timely, accurate answers. It is based on the idea that while ratings and reviews can be static, out-dated, and biased, personal interactions with people who are local to an area provide the best experience and lead to the best search results.

Instead of just focusing on ratings and reviews, LocalEyes connects you to the people in an area with similar tastes, preferences, and activities as you, allowing you to connect directly with the people most likely to give you a reliable, accurate, up-to-date, customized review or recommendation.

LocalEyes also allows you to return the favor by giving you the opportunity to respond to questions posted within your own local area. Now you can recommend your favorite places and share your own local knowledge with other users who are in your area.