Student Apps of the Month - February 2016

We've got 5 killer apps this month! But first I wanted to share Eric Millington's story behind his very first app, "Days to Disney - Vacation Countdown". Here's a bit of what he has to say about it. 

So where did you get the idea for the app?

"As big Disney nerds my family and I have been taking at least one trip a year to Disney World. When I decided to start working on a "real app" I wanted something with "minimal difficulty" that had a single action. This felt like the most easily digestible approach. I plan on embellishing it with more features, but I asked myself: "What's the simplest, least intimidating app that I can build and still be comfortable calling an app". Since we are always counting down to our next trip, a Disney Countdown app was the perfect fit."

Was this your very first app?

"Yep! Beyond tutorials I decided to dump every piece of learning I absorbed into one project. I made a few small apps for my kids, "Guess the number" type things, but this was my first "product".

What was the hardest part?

"Tutorials are great, they walk you through specific concepts, but the app required date manipulation that I had never worked with. There was a lot of research, googling and trial and error. On top of that, there's a ton of "outdated" Swift "1" and Objective-C materials online that made it difficult to find "the" solution. I also had trouble knowing the right way to store information. CoreData seemed like the way to go based on the tutorials I had done, but a friend of mine on Twitter suggested I use UserDefaults to store small bits of data and that was awesome to dive into and get working. 

What was the most fun?

"It's a big puzzle. It's fun. After taking your iOS course, and really diving into the Swift world I started to feel comfortable trying things. As I mentioned, I am a full-time graphic designer, so being able to design a product, from icon to screenshots was really fun. I had tried 5 or 6 times to learn Objective-C and then Swift and they never stuck. Feeling the confidence to try things out, programming ambitiously instead of "defensively" and having things actually WORK was incredibly fulfilling. Thanks so much, I owe a lot of that to your course."


1. Days To Disney - Eric Millington

It's time to get excited for your next trip to Disney! Days To Disney let's you follow the countdown to your vacation of a lifetime with a clean, modern design that let's the beautiful photography of Disney speak for itself!

2. Morning Rituals - Smart Timer - Ubicolor Ltd

Already gave up on New Years' Resolutions?
This app will help you create the right habits you always wanted to implement in your life.

3. TripTic - CreaTECH Solutions

TripTic is a trip and distance management application.
Log your distance travelled as you go, or after the fact. 
Filter your log by travel mode or key word and email and download your logs.

4. Emoji (EM) Challenge - Ritul Patel

EMChallenge (Emoji Challenge) is best social entertaining app, in which you have to code a sentence using emojis and the user around world tries to crack your code. Also, you can unlock code of other users and earn points. Your can share any of code with nicely formatted image. More updates coming soon!

5. Crush36 - Anika Giftge

In 1997, US psychologist Arthur Aron conducted a study on "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness". In his experiment the participating partners would sit face to face and alternate answering 36 increasingly personal questions, divided into three sets of 12. The questions were designed to inspire feelings of closeness by encouraging participants to be open and expressive. Subsequently, many participants fell in love with each other.

Now it's your turn to experiment and connect with a partner of your choice. You might fall in love... Good luck!