Student Apps of the Month - January 2016

Here are 5 student apps that I wanted to share with everyone :) Great work everyone!

1. Quran Radios - Mohammad Salem

Quran Radios App developed to spread the Quran among as large audience as possible, and cementing the relationship of Muslims and new Muslims with the Quran through listening to it anywhere they may go, and acquainting Non-Muslims with the tolerant teachings of the Quran through the translation of its meanings into their mother languages.

2. Fast Climber - Mikhail Amshei

Really Cool App for climbers like myself to gain new insights of how well climbs are going.

3. RGB #hex - Dominik Janczak

Very easy to use app, helps anyone who deals with colors. Perfect tool for: Web Designers, Bloggers or Apps Developers. Tap of the RGB label to get to your favorite colors and save (tap and hold) current one.

4. LabStretch - Robert Mark

LabStretch is a real-time image enhancement app, designed specifically for rock art researches to use in the field. Images can be acquired from within the app, or loaded from the iPad photo library. They can then be enhanced to see very faint color differences.

5. Say To-Do - Brian McIntosh


Say To-Do is an easy to use to-do list for your wrist. Adding new tasks by dictating into Apple Watch is a great, natural way to create to-dos on the run. Easily prioritize your to-do items in a beautiful red (high priority) to orange (medium priority) to green (low priority) color scale.