The 3 Best New Features of Xcode 7

I have spent the summer working with Xcode 7 in beta and now it is finally public! I'd like to share with you the 3 features that I think will have the biggest impact for developers.

1. Free on device testing

Becoming an iOS developer isn't cheap. First, you need to have a Mac which compared to PCs, are VERY expensive. Then, to test your app on your phone or to submit your app to the App Store, you need to pay $99 a year. 

While you still need a Mac for devolvement and it still costs $99 to put your app on the App Store, it is huge news that now you can load your app onto your device for free! I this is going to help get a lot more people into developing apps because there's nothing quite like seeing your own app on your phone.

2. Reminders to use constants

In Swift 1.0, whenever I was deciding whether to use a variable or a constant, i would always side with the variable. Variables had the ability to change if I ever needed them to so it seemed like the safe route. Constants are the preferred method by Apple and there are several benefits to them. A great new feature in Xcode 7 is the reminder to use constants where applicable.

If Xcode finds a variable that you are using and never change, it will produce a warning and ask you if you'd like to use a constant instead. Initially, this feature was annoying but now I am much more comfortable using constants and they are my new default.

3. Crash Logs

There are different companies out there that will help you collect crash logs but Xcode is now adding their own crash log reporting tool directly into Xcode. I think this is a big deal because it doesn't require you to sign up for some third party system and trust that they are taking care of your user's data. 

How about you?

What do you like about Xcode 7? Let me know in the comments below!