How I Got into Teaching People How to Make Apps

I got into iPhone programming in 2010. I had just come back from a two-year Mormon mission in Japan. As a welcome home gift, my old man bought me a brand new iPhone 4. That thing was DOPE. It had an HD camera, it had the slick metal frame and had these cool things called apps. It blew my mind how there were apps for EVERYTHING. I could use Facebook on my phone, get driving directions, play games while waiting in line, and make movies. I knew things were insane when I was playing Scrabble with my family and my aunt had a Scrabble dictionary app. What!?

I decided that I wanted to get into the app game. The app I wanted to build was a mini-golf scorecard. I spent a lot of time sketching out drawings of what it would look like. After I had a good idea what it would look like, it was time to build it. The only problem was I had no idea what to do. How do you start making an app? What software do you need? I had a lot of questions. I spent around two years reading tutorials and taking online classes. None of them were helping. I felt like tutorials and online classes didn’t understand how much of a noob I was. They all seemed to assume I had been programming since birth.

Eventually, through making friends with iPhone programmers and getting an internship making apps, I started to get a hold of things. It was freaking exciting. Seeing an app that I made run on my own phone was an incredible feeling. It was like I had this new super power. With this new power, I went app crazy; I became an app freelancer and made apps for tons of different companies. I made and posted over 12 apps on the App Store. A couple of months ago I finally created my mini-golf scorecard app and even made an Apple Watch version of it!

When Apple came out with Swift, a new programming language used to make apps, I thought it might be a good time to get into teaching. I remembered what it felt like to start from nothing and the frustration caused by teachers that never connected with me. I thought I could speak to those who were in my same position. Since June of last year, I have made three online classes teaching people how to use Swift, make iPhone apps, and Apple Watch apps. I have been lucky enough to teach over 20,000 students. One of my favorite parts of teaching is installing apps on my phone that my students have made and posted on the App Store. So freaking cool :)

I'm excited to continue to teach and make more classes. Let me know in the comments if there's something you'd like to learn more about. Maybe it will turn into my next class ;)