Student Apps of the Month - December 2015

Here are 5 student apps that I wanted to share with everyone :)

1. Snapanactor - by Lee Harris

Snapanactor, for all those times you want to identify an actor and can't remember their name. Point-click-identify!

2. Lucky Draw Tool - by Phil Portugal

The lucky draw app is a complete tool specially made for random draws. It can be: Letters, Numbers, Custom elements like names, colors, fruits, tasks, emojis, … and proceed to a random draw in your custom elements.

3. Loony Invaders - by Christian Jens

A fun to play remake of Space Invaders. It features beautiful graphics and an easy game play, while staying true to the Arcade fun.

4. Cam Cam - by Filippo Mursia

Cam Cam is a photo reminder that let you snap pics and attach some tags to them. Is not a social network, it's an app just for you and your phone that will help you to easily find the #summer2014 pics in your phone instead of scrolling your camera roll as a maniac.

5. Zlalom - by Marcello Tota

Zig zag slalom app, tap to change direction, collect bonus and avoid skulls and direction changers, pay attention to the bottleneck road.